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Customer Town Hall | AIOps Integration & Discovery

On-Demand Webinar

Enterprise networks are growing in complexity every day, whether you're adopting the latest technology or extending beyond your data limits. Keeping up with the demands of this generation and ensuring the entire IT and NetOps teams are connected and solving problems together is what IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (IBM SevOne NPM) delivers through intelligent and actionable insights.

At this Town Hall, we look under the covers at how the IBM SevOne NPM solution helps network-domain-centric IT operators spot, address, and prevent network performance issues early with machine learning-powered analytics from a single source. We provide a quick tour of the solution's comprehensive data collection, enhanced visualizations, IT operations integration, and a preview and live demo of our integration between IBM SevOne NPM with IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps. We’ll also talk a bit about what we’re thinking comes next.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Get an overview of IBM SevOne NPM's present and future AIOps capabilities
  • See a Live Demo of our upcoming integration with Watson AIOps
  • Hear about IBM’s AI Ladder, and how we’re thinking about what comes next
  • Get a chance to provide feedback directly to our product team
  • Have a chance to get better acquainted with IBM SevOne NPM’s new community site

You’ll walk away more connected to SevOne, and with a better understanding of AIOps – in terms of how it can help solve real problems for your organization with faster decision making, better resource optimization, and more proactive problem resolution.