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Flow Baselining and Alerting



Flow is a powerful network protocol that allows IT and NetOps teams to understand how their infrastructures are performing, and determine exactly what is moving through them. However, Flow can also be cumbersome, confusing, and difficult to work with. SevOne solutions help to make Flow easy.

Whether you’re using NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, IPFIX, or any other flow technology, SevOne solutions can monitor it. The SevOne Network Data Platform establishes a baseline that shows how your flow normally operates, and with broad coverage, our solutions can then alert on any change in your flow traffic or data. In addition, because they are Flow agnostic, our solutions can deliver the same powerful capabilities regardless of which manufacturers’ devices you use.

In this webinar, SevOne experts will walk you through how our solutions enable organizations to gain full visibility into and a detailed understanding of their Flow infrastructures. In addition, you’ll learn how the SevOne Platform helps users to actively monitor their Flow data, and more importantly, ensure that they always know exactly what is going on in their infrastructures.