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The Impact on CSPs of Customers Working From - and Now Staying At - Home



By suddenly forcing millions of employees to work from home (WFH), the COVID-19 outbreak has created major challenges for communication services providers (CSPs). Chief among them is dealing with a sudden surge in traffic while still delivering positive user experiences of their network services to all their customers now working and trying to stay well at home.

In addition to servicing the new WFH demands, CSPs need to further ensure business continuity by providing their own WFH employees with reliable access to the network services and applications they need to do their jobs and support their family activities. To do that, CSP IT teams need to adapt their network monitoring approaches to focus their efforts on monitoring the user experience of their network, while also keeping a close eye on their organization’s WFH infrastructure.

Over the past few weeks, SevOne’s field team has worked side by side with our CSP customers to make this critical shift. In this webinar, you’ll hear directly from our experts about the imperative monitoring changes they helped our CSP customers to make. You’ll also come away with a blueprint example of how to get started monitoring key components of a CSP network - from access to core - along with insights into the most critical aspects of monitoring WFH infrastructure.