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The Network Impact of a Suddenly Remote Workforce - Lessons Learned for Business Continuity



By suddenly forcing millions of employees to work from home, the COVID-19 outbreak has created major challenges for enterprise IT teams. Chief among them is ensuring business continuity by providing their remote users with reliable access to the network services and applications they need to do their jobs. To do that, IT teams need to adapt their network monitoring efforts and shift the focus onto their organization’s work from home (WFH) infrastructures.

Over the past few weeks, SevOne’s field team has worked side by side with our customers to make this critical shift. In this webinar, you’ll hear directly from our experts about the critical monitoring changes they helped customers to make. You’ll also come away with ​a blueprint you can use to get started monitoring key components of your WFH infrastructure - including edge routers, VPN concentrators, firewalls and more.​