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SevOne Customer Town Hall | LiveMaps Guided Tour

On-Demand Webinar

Never before has data from network services been as diverse, extensive, and business-critical. The largest organizations struggle with transforming massive amounts of data into actionable insights. Enter LiveMaps, SevOne’s latest core feature release.

Watch this webinar to get a special guided tour of the forthcoming LiveMaps functionality release. LiveMaps enables users to leverage existing data to glean insights from their physical and virtual infrastructure for greater visibility into metrics and alerts.

During this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Leverage Data Insight to surface major issues in seconds
  • Visualize metric and alert data in a real-time single source map
  • Auto-populate changes across multiple reports
  • Configure custom components of visualization
  • Orient your map geographically to see how your infrastructure lays on a map
  • Go back in time, giving peace of mind to view data from up to one year ago

Walk away with an understanding of how complex datasets are added, configured and can provide insights before you see an impact on users.